Läänemaa, Haapsalu, Tiigi tn 13


Tiigi st 13 in Haapsalu is a perfect chance to build a two-storied shopping mall with a closed gross area of 5 000 m2. The land, sized 10 326 m2 in total is located near Kiltsi road and enables 78 parking spaces for its visitors, which is sufficient both for people from Haapsalu and for the tourists using the highway daily. The roof slope of the building can be 0°-25°. In addition to the named plot, it is possible to develop another 31 immovable properties. The compound area of all the plots is 78 397 m2.
The area that is covered in the detailed plan (32 properties with a total area 78 397 m2) is situated between Kiltsi road and Jaama creek that is bordered with small residential plots from the South; apartment buildings from the West; business land and railroad from the East and Paralepa beach from the North (http://www.visitestonia.com/en/paralepa-beach). According to the plan plots for terraced houses have been devised for transition to higher apartment buildings and commercial buildings. The higher buildings remain beside the Kiltsi road that has higher traffic. This will ensure privacy for the current and the planned family - residentials. A separate street network has been planned for serving the area. The first floor of the apartment buildings is the low parking floor and the fifth floor is designed with a setback.
Playgrounds have been designed to accompany all of the apartment buildings, a bigger area of the playgrounds is intended for the public green area (Räägu street 15).
There is work for a years for a developer-builder here:
- The closed gross area for the planned business is 14 140 m2 (including a shopping mall 5 000 m2)
- The closed gross area for five 5-stories apartment buildings is 16 200 m2 (the number of apartments 162)
- 14 private houses with closed gross area 7800 m2 and
- 5 plots for terraced houses with a building permit, closed gross area 4 750 m2.
An existing pump station is situated on the property of Kiltsi road 3b. The thematic plan of the county that includes a railroad corridor does not cross the planned area. To examine the materials for the detailed plan please contact. For additional information see Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haapsalu .
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