Jõgevamaa, Jõgeva, Suur tn 91


According to the planning solution, a building permit has been assigned to the land plot for building a multi-use development. The biggest permitted building footprint is 1400 m2, the biggest permitted height 12 m, a number of buildings on the plot - 3. The existing building-up on the plot will be demolished, except for a former Villavabrik building in its external boundaries near Suur tn (the facade on Suur tn and Piibe mnt). The following target uses are probable: Trading, dining and service buildings land; Small enterprise building and production building land; Accommodation building land; Office building land; Gasoline station and service building land, incl. car wash.
Further, a target use of the cadastral unit will be assigned on a basis of the land plot target use. In addition, the local municipality has a right to allow extra target uses, though unstated in the list, if they conform with the planned activity. The water supply, waste water and storm water solutions are prepared on a basis of technical specification issued by Jõgeva Veevärk OÜ. There is power supply available on the planned area with the circuit breaker 250A. Heat supply should be arranged locally: different solutions are possible – starting from the air-water heating systems, electric heating and renewable energy solutions (solar panels) and finishing with other options, available on the stage of designing. Telecommunication shall be based on Telia Eesti AS technical conditions. A number of planned parking spaces is 34. The planning solution provides for construction of different trading, service and dining areas (e.g. shop, gasoline station, car wash), also offices and accommodation premises. Besides, construction of different (technical) facilities is permitted, which support or conform with the planned activity. The estimation is available.
A visibility from Piibe road and Suur street crossroad is excellent. Our new neighbour Neste will start with construction work in August-September. You may find a traffic density map among the enclosed pictures. The traffic in the direction from Tartu has grown since 2015 by 4.2%.
After merging Jõgeva parish, Jõgeva town, Palamuse parish and Torma parish into one unit, a new local municipality – Jõgeva parish – will be created. According to the population register, the population of the merging local municipalities is 13 772 inhabitants.
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