We implement the following sale and development operations related to real-estate:
- preliminary research necessary for real-estate development including location studies, getting acquainted with existing development plans in the same area, assesment of legal status, geological surveys, determining bulk density of soil, geodetic calculations etc.;
- composing provisional cost-benefit analysis and order additional expert opinions in case required;
- communication with local authorities in order to initiate a plan and launch the plan;
- organize the underbidding of the planning work and signing the contract with the winner of the bidding;
- communication with the planner until the adoption of the plan;
- organizing the underbidding of the construction design works in accordance with the adopted plan and signing of the contract with the winner of the biddings;
- communication with the designer until the project is finished and the building permit has been issued;
- oranizing the underbidding of construction supervision (owners supervision) and signing of the contract with the winner of the biddings;
- organizing the underbidding of construction works in cooperation with the owners surveillance and signing of the contract with the winner of the biddings;
- signing of the necessary network affiliations in the scope of the applied operating licence;
- preparing and execution of actions required for sale including: preparation of promotional material, organizing the underbidding of creating a website, signing the contract with winner of the biddings and communication with the producer of the website until the completion of it,  composing and publishing a sales advertisement for the created website and other sales portals, administering the website and the published advertisements, communication with the interested buyers and introducing them to the proprety on-site;
- organizing the notarial verification of the purchase-sale transaction and conveyancing of the property;
- provision of administrative service including pricing of rental spaces, finding tenants, introducing the conditions of the rental agreement, signing rental agreements and dailiy interaction with the tenants, organizing accounting;
- maintanance of the property including carrying out necessary repairs and improvements;
- keeping ties with the local authorities and with all related parties;
- organizing representation of the owner in disputes.