Dear Sirs,

Neweka Kapital Ltd has  been active in the real estate market of Estonia for over 19 years. We are a family owned business and started with land surveying and parceling in 1992. Since the end of  the 20th century we have focused on real estate development projects. We have acted as consultants (project management, valuation, business plan creation, advising property sales and acquisitions) in realty projects. Neweka’s experinece includes  both residential and commercial property. Neweka Kapital has also managed/operated rental property. Together with a reliable partner we can identify profitable investment opportunities in Estonia. Through Neweka’s extensive contact network  we can find investment opportunities fitting the desired profile. Neweka’s contact network is based on long-term mutual trust of more than two decades of cooperation. Careful selection and diligent risk analysis allows to choose  the best investment opportunities.