Õle tn 12, Pelgulinn, Tallinn

Õle tn 12/2
The property is located in Tallinn, in the North-Tallinn district in Pelgulinna resettlement. The property is located in an area between Telliskivi street, Sõle street and Kolde street. There are mainly 2 to 3-storey apartment buildings in the region.
The proposed apartment building is designed to be 3-storey building with a basement floor according to the existing pre-project. The proposed apartment building with energy efficiency class B is designed as a simple rectangular form. The building’s main volume measurements are 12,8 x 19,5 m. The building’s height from the ground: 11,67 m.
Out of existing underground utilities, there is a gas pipeline, telecommunication and electricity cables, water and sewage pipeline. 
There are motorways (Sõle tn, Paldiski mnt, Tehnika tn) in the neighbouring area which are well equipped with public transport.
New high and low greenery will be built on the lot. There will be radon barrier added under the insulation of the building and en efficient ventilation system in the basement. There will be a separate ventilation system with a thermal switch built in each apartment.