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We offer assistance with buying, selling, planning and managing real-estate. Already 20 years on the market!
The scope of questions related to real estate is wide: questions related to ownership and possessions; questions related to real estate loads, rental- and lease relationships; questions in the field of legal issues related to planning and construction; questions related to development; questions related to financing and warranting and other similar topics. All of the above or some of these might result in being a crucial factor for closing or planning a successful purchase-sale transaction. Since a realty transaction could become one of the biggest decisions in your life, then a partner to guide you to resolve the questions mentioned above could become useful. The pictures of real-estate, no matter how good they may be, do not reflect reality. The desired result should be achieved by believing what you and the chosen partner see and know. We rely on our best knowledge and local market situation, existing written and unwritten laws and standards for organizing transactions in the real estate field.


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